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Why not customize your outdoor living space with innovative new product lines from Boulder Designs®.

Boulder Designs® are beautiful yet functional boulders made from solid reinforced specially enhanced concrete. How about complementing your outdoor living space with a personalized Boulder Designs® water feature boulder? Or maybe a planter boulder would be more suitable. Working with you we will custom design your boulder around your needs. The possibilities are endless.

Product Focus: Water Feature Boulders
New Product: Planter Boulders
At Boulder Designs® we never stop reaching for new design innovations. Our latest Water Feature Boulders are getting a lot of attention. Our Water Feature Boulders and Plater Boulders are designed with ease of maintenance. Made of reinforced and enhanced concrete; Boulder Designs® products can be completely customized to any size, shape, or color.

Commercial Business Signage Boulders

Turn your business into a landmark with Boulder Designs®. Get your customers to notice you with custom made boulder signage for your business. Eliminate common ongoing repair issues that rob both your time and money. Best of all Boulder Designs® commercial signage boulders are often allowed by zoning and regulations where standard signage is not. Let your customers know that you are a rock solid business by setting your name in stone with custom made Boulder Designs® boulders; Made just for you.

Residential Boulders

Name or Address Rocks & Boulders

Set your name, or address in stone with custom made address boulders from Boulder Designs®. All of our landscape boulders, large or small, are “made just for you” using color, size and shape that you envision to enhance your landscape. Our custom boulders are made of solid concrete, not hollow or shell built and will last a lifetime. You can pick from our “free standing” style or “sliced” boulders. All sliced boulders come with mounting hardware to ensure they stay in place right where you want them. Set up and placement is also available in areas where Boulder Designs® representatives are located.

Custom Memorials

Cherish the memories of your best friend forever with custom pet memorial boulders from Boulder Designs®. You can choose the size, shape, and color. We can even arrange to include a space for an urn if you wish. No need to worry if you need to move, just take your pet memorial with you.